February 2019

// MBA/S presented the new Neckarpark sports facility building design to the local sports authorities and the design was agreed to be presented to the urban planning authorities for approval.

// The feasibility study for the Neckarwelle project was presented to the district advisory board of the planned site in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim followed by a voting. With unanimous choice they voted to ask the local council of Stuttgart to continue the planning and realize the project.
BIIG THANK YOU to the incredible effort and success of the Neckarwelle e.V. and all planners, consultants involved, the offices of the city Stuttgart and all supporters. It is now the hope and aspiration of all supporters that the city council will decide and fund the project planning and realization to be able to say: “Stuttgart will surf on the Neckar in 2020”

January 2019

// Welcome 2019 – wishing you all a happy and successful NEW YEAR 2019 – we @MBA/S look forward to work with old and new clients, partners, collegues and friends.

// Matthias Bauer will be teaching the master workshop as external expert for the third consecutive time at ENSA Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Architecture in Marselle in February.

December 2018

// Matthias Bauer and Volker Sellmeier, 1. Chairman of the Neckarwelle e.V. will be presenting the Neckarwelle feasibility study to the Sport Committee of the Stuttgart City Council this month.

// MBA/S welcomes our new office assistant Katerina Zimova.

// Wishing you all a MERRY X-MAS and HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON

November 2018

// Matthias Bauer is invited to teach and lecture for the second time this year at the Architecture University in Amman, Jordan as part of the GJU Flying Faculty Program 2018.

// Definitive Design and tender process for the AWS service buildings on Aurelis areal in Stuttgart Vaihingen is planned for spring 2019.

October 2018

// MBA/S was commissioned with a design study for the new sports facility service building in the Neckarpark of Stuttgart Bad-Cannstatt. Currently we are comparing different typological and programmatic combinations in connection with the best integration of outdoor spaces to allow for a perfect sports, coaches and spectator experience.

// The Neckarwelle Stuttgart feasibility study is scheduled for public presentation to the sport committee representatives of the city council in the town hall on December 4th 2018. We hope for a positive feedback by all parties representatives and a lot of backwind and commitment to achieve the following next milestone together: The permit and executive planning with tender documents and quotations in 2019. This will will allow for final vote for provision of the construction budget resources in the third quarter of 2019. Then construction works could start in the first quarter of 2020 and the year surfing comes to Stuttgart coincides with surfing’s premiere in the Olympic summer games in Tokyo 2020.

September 2018

// The feasibility study for Neckarwelle, Germany’s most innovative and widest river surf wave facility scheduled for realization in 2020 for beginners, experts and everyone who loves surfing or simply to enjoy watching this joyful use of and intense activity on the river Neckar in Stuttgart is being finalized this and next month. Big thanks to Neckarwelle e.V. (its board members and already 300 club members), the consultants and experts of Fichtner Water & Transportation Group, McLaughlin Whitewater Design Group, GÖG, Soundplan, Karajan, the City of Stuttgart authorities, planning and administration departments and all other contributors for their effort to proof the feasibility of this project for Stuttgart and the region.

August 2018

// The Stuttgart City Council gave green light for the realization planning of Aurelis Areal where we are building a service building for the AWS Stuttgart. Consruction to start in 2019.

// The Skateboarding Stuttgart exhibition at the Stadtpalais designed by MBA/S opened to a big crowd featuring Thorsten Frank’s special edit film focusing on skateboarding in Stuttgart from 1995-2018 through the eyes of eleven protagonists and eleven skatespots. Big thanks to Schützi from iou ramps for great support and great set of rails – the infamous pink Stadtpalais rails.

July 2018

// The Neckarwelle feasibility study and design is coming together nicely with excellent input from consultants and experts. By the end of the month we will have a big review and discussion round with all involved city departments and stakeholders before finalizing the study for presentation in fall 2018.

// MBA/S welcomes our new team members Julia Zeiser as general office manager and assistant and Volker Nagel as CAD expert apprentice.

June 2018

// MBA/S is working on a relocation study for the Bauhof Vaihingen the civil construction authorities in Stuttgart-Vaihingen

// MBA/S is participating in the invited competition to renovate a 12.000m2 commercial building in Stuttgart.

May 2018

// MBA/S has delivered the definitive design for a service building for the SES, construction documents and tendering in fall and construction phase on site in spring 2019.

// Stadtpalais Museum for Stuttgart is launching a big summer project and we are happy to contribute the concept and design for the Skateboarding Stuttgart exhibition there, opening on July 27th and showing until mid September 2018.

April 2018

// Design plans for the AWS temporary service buildings at Aurelis Areal in Stuttgart were approved by the client this month and building permit is granted.

// First images of newly finished tiny house service building for SES Stuttgart

March 2018

// MBA/S is looking for – TALENTED ARCHITECTS – of all levels – please please apply for full or half time position if you wish to contribute and grow as design architect, project manager and potential future associate architect. Good german and AutoCad experience welcome!
We are looking forward to receive your CV: Please send PDF (max 5MB) to: WORK@MBA/S.DE

// We are also looking for interns for 3-6 months or longer!

// Visit by CYL office from Lithuania, headed by former MBA/S team member Aidas Barzda was great fun. Plans for future collaboration ahead.

February 2018

// MBA/S is nominated for the BUILD 2018 Architecture Award.

// The new SES service building in Stuttgart-Mönchfeld is completed. Check in for first photos soon.

January 2018

// MBA/S is finalizing the new service building in Stuttgart-Mönchfeld made from a lightweight concrete for our public client SES. Currently the naturally silver greyed wood envelope is being installed by the the fantastic carpenters from Werkkollektiv under commission from Marbeton.

// We are kicking off the feasibility study for the Neckarwelle in Stuttgart. Currently all consultants and specialists are being selected for the 5 month study period to proof the concept of Neckarwelle e. V. to bring (river-) surfing home to Stuttgart.

December 2017

// The Stuttgart city council unanimously voted to fund the feasibility study for the Neckarwelle
and the party a Mata Hari was big fun, celebrating the inauguration of the first ever surf club in Stuttgart as well. Over one hundred future river surfers from Stuttgart joined the club Neckarwelle e. V on that first day.

// Definitive Design of the Aurelis project was approved by our client AWS Stuttgart and work started on the Hammersmith competition right before…. X_Mas !

Team MBA/S is wishing you all the best time and new year.

November 2017

// Jordan rules! What a great people and country in the Middle East. Thank you GJU Jordan University for having invited and hosted me during 10 unforgettable days making friends during urban studies for Irbid city, second largest city in Jordan, 20km from the Syrian border. Looking forward to next time!

// We were selected together with landscape architect Max Mannschreck to participate in the Hammersmith competition searching concepts to develop a former British military base in Herford, Germany.

October 2017

// The predesign proposal for the SES service building in Stuttgart-Vaihingen received client approval and we will now work on the definitive design to be delivered in December 2018.

// The Neckarwelle will be presented in the sport committee of the Stuttgart city council.

September 2017

// MBA/S delivered an extensive feasibility study for a fire station in Stuttgart. Besides 3 renovation alternatives and a proposal for new buildings we also developed an additional design proposal which contributes to solving the most pressing problems of the location by the creation of new housing opportunities.

// The opening of the Dorotheen Quartier in Stuttgart with our latest retail project for Louis Vuitton was a big success and the contemporary new Louis Vuitton facade complements perfect it’s location in the geographical centre of Stuttgart just opposite the historic market hall.

August 2017

// MBA/S latest retail project in the new Dorotheen Quartier Stuttgart is being delivered to our client Louis Vuitton. It will feature a stunning LV curtain-wall facade and is located in the heart of Stuttgart directly opposite the market hall.

// Stuttgart surft 2020: Neckarwelle, a stationary surfable wave in the river Neckar in Stuttgart, has received overwhelming feedback and positive reactions from the public, local politicians and experts from the water aand shipping administrations. We are pushing the planning ahead with water and wave dynamics experts of the University of Stuttgart and design a beginners and pros alike wave system with adjacent terraced spectators platforms for all year round surfing.

July 2017

// Part of the initiative team NECKARWELLE we are presenting the concept study of a surfable wave in the river Neckar on Tuesday, July 18th to the local politicians and media. Location: Restaurant Cassiopeia in Untertürkheim. Time: 7pm. Come by and bring your surfboard! It is going to be 30° and we will do a Paddle Up in the river! Check Facebook: Neckarwelle

// The feasibility study for the Feuerwache 5 in Stuttgart is ongoing

// Predesign for a service building in Vaihingen was delivered.

// Matthias Bauer was approached by the German-Jordanian University in Amann to teach a workshop in October 2017

June 2017

// MBA/S jetzt: Ossietzkystr. 8, 70174 Stuttgart

// MBA/S received the commission to design a temporary operations facility for the City of Stuttgart.
Design and application for building permit documents were delivered in record time of 1 week, realization planning and construction in 2017/2018.

May 2017

// Please note our new address:

MBA/S Matthias Bauer Associates
architecture urbanism landscape
Ossietzkystr. 8
D-70174 Stuttgart / Germany

// MBA/S has started with the feasibility study for the relocation of two communal service institutions.

// The service building in Stuttgart-Mönchfeld is erected and will be finished in June.

April 2017

// April 01 – no joking: MBA/S will be moving to a new exciting office location soon!

Please note our new address from May 1st 2017:

MBA/S Matthias Bauer Associates
architecture urbanism landscape
Ossietzkystr. 8
D-70174 Stuttgart / Germany
T +49 711 2489 33-0
F +49 711 2489 33-10

We are located very central, 5 Min. walk from the main train stration

Come visit us soon 🙂

March 2017

// MBA/S delivered a feasibility study for business buildings and is expecting the next planning phases to be commissioned soon.

// Congratulations Paula Galagas – 3 years office manager of MBA/S – Thank you!

// Matthias Bauer is teching at the HBC Biberach in the summer semester 2017 on contemporary urban housing.

February 2017

// MBA/S is working on several feasibility studies conceptual and preliminary designs

// Our project for LV in Stuttgart is in full swing of construction progress

January 2017

// We are looking forward to great projects and encounters with our clients and friends in 2017

// MBA/S welcomes new team members Andrea Runzheimer and Selda Bozdemir

// Matthias Bauer will lecture in Spittal, Austria on January 31st

// Matthias Bauer is teaching at the ENSA Marseille